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    Be an au pair for me is a great opportunity not only because anyone can have the chance to travel if they want but also to learn new languages and personally it´s being a brilliant cultural experience to share your daily life with a family that will receive you as a member of the family and no as an outsider who is working there for them because to me never felt as a job I always felt part of the family. In my view is an adventure every day to take care of children. Whether if they want to learn how to cook cupcakes, play with Lego, take them to a playdate, read a bed time story, help them with homework, or simple as to listen if they want to share their thoughts or they want to set a show and sing in front of everyone or play to have a big sale in the front of the house I did enjoy every single idea they had in my previous experiences in these 3 family who I stayed with. In my personal opinion I think the key to have a good time with the family and the family with you is communication, even is a small detail I believe communication is essential for both sides, and I really appreciate when a family is honest with me.
    During my free time I enjoy to go out for a walk, enjoy nature as much as I can (as long as is not raining), go to museum or art galleries, and my new latest hobby photography, but something that I must have with me are books it does not matter what kind of genre but books for me are part of my life. Cycling personally for me is the best exercise because it combined physical activity and a great view around you. And music I like to listen to the radio as much as I can.
    Having an aupair is really familiar to me because since a really young age my parents left me with a nanny until I was 12, and for different reasons my parents decided to no longer have a nanny and since that day I became very independent person and also very responsible, as you must know I’m only child so after school I arrived to my house completely alone, and nothing bad happened to our house, what I mean, is that you can trust me 100%. I will help as much as I can during my working hours with the children, I´m very flexible about schedule I don’t have any problem to change some days when the family tell me this with time. And about the cooking I do not have any problem to cook in fact I really enjoy to do it. I´m not the kind of person who will leave things for the next day if something need to be done I will do it the same day specially when it comes to light housework. And concerning to the light housework I appreciate that you can be honest with me about what you will expect from me.
    I’m very passionate when it comes to have this kind of job when the entire family have confidence in you in any aspect and especially children. I love to be around kids. I like to take care of them where you can teach them so many things, knowing that they are learning something new, and see their faces when they are happy because they did something right or didn’t know it before you told them, is something priceless.
    I´m sure you ask yourself why this girl wants to be an au pair for a third time.? And here is where I can answer you with pure honesty, this cultural experience I think is amazing and for me has been really good throughout this past 3 years not only I´ve lived with good families and great kids but also helped me to achieve what I wanted for myself which it was to get a better English level studying in a language school in England for a year and an international certification too. And I will never be tired to say how thankful I am for all that I´ve experienced not only because I enjoyed every single day in Holland and Belgium but also I saved money to achieve personal projects. That´s why I want to be an au pair for a third time to experience a cultural exchange, do what I do best and enjoy the most taking care of children and thanks to this in the near future be able to study International Studies in Holland.
    I believe that before start a job like this is appropriate to know exactly what the family is looking for. The entire family not only the parents must be sure about this decision, also is important to know what your kids may think about my profile. I totally understand if you have any question and I’m looking forward to answer it. I’m really excited about this opportunity and become part of your family, know your culture and your traditions.
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