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    My full name is Bustonov Abrorbek and I was born in 2000 years and I am 19 years old. Last year I graduated Jomashuy melioration agricultural vocational college. I live with my family I have 2 young brothers and my grandparents also live with us. since my childhood I have helped my grandparents they have teached me a lot of things. For example my grandfather was a teacher in school and he teached me Russian. With his held I didnot chellenged in school. furthermore since my childhood I have faced with many challenges and he helped me how can I overcome these problems.When I was 15 years old I saw one motivational and there I heard two motivational sentce and there were written these sentense "say to yourself every moning I will do today what others do not so I will have tomorrow what orhes do not" and "If you can dream it you can do it " after that I have started dreamig.Then I joined jym and I started training with the sport which called Aikido. I have begun to go competition after 1 year I became a champion in uzbekistan.But I dremed to became champion in asia and I became a champion in asia after year. moreover I can speak in four languages English,Russian,korean,turkish and I am learning German.

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