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    Hello, dear host family!
    I would like to become your au pair helper for a year. Actually, I am an architect and language lover, but my the biggest passion is everything new. And yes, au pair program is great opportunity for me to improve my childcare skills. So I am really excited to share this experience with you.
    Actually, I learned about the au pair program from my German teacher at my uni. I am crazy about traveling, but unfortunately have not been abroad yet. Thus, on the one hand, this program is a great opportunity to make my travel dream come true.
    Also, my sister is now grown up and I would like not to forget the childcare skills because I love it. I believe that childhood is the most wonderful period in a person's life and I want to be a part of it.
    And of course, learning languages ​​has become my biggest passion for several years now. I want to improve my level of German and speak it fluently. Therefore, this program is the best tool for cultural exchange and language progress for me.
    As for my language skills my mother tongue is Russian, but when I was about 6-7 years old I started learning English and now I can speak it fluently. During my university years, I started to study German because my friends spoke it very well and it was always interesting for me how it sounds. I am so grateful to my teacher of the German language at the university of architecture, who helped to understand it's features and a beauty being organized in self-study.
    I am currently self-employed and doing translation practice. Thus, it motivates me to learn German in a good manner and be more hard-working at it.

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