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    Dear host family! Hello :) My name is Liza. Right now I am looking for a host family in Germany. I have got a diploma this summer. My professional qualification is teacher of German, English and the World Literature. I had been working as a tutor of English while studying at the university (4 years). I work with children of all ages. I am a flexible and easy-going person so it's not a problem for me to be in contact with children. I have a strong desire to be a teacher in future. I want to learn new methods of education and to improve educational system, because it's the most important part of people's lives. Besides I want to improve my German and English. I want not only to teach children, I want to have fun with them while doing it. I would like to show them that school is not boring and that the life around us is the most wonderful adventure. I like spending time with children. First of all because I am young at my heart :) My free time activities include cycling, camping, reading, listening to music, playing the guitar etc. I am open to new experience and new knowledge.

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