Au pair insurance policy

As a host family, you are responsible for insuring your au pair.

In order to invite an au pair to Germany, the host family is obliged to take out an au pair insurance policy. It is important to know that this is not a simple travel health insurance. The host family must insure the risks of illness, accident and liability. There are several providers in Germany who offer special au pair insurance policies that include health, accident and liability insurance and are specially tailored to the needs of host families and au pairs.

Travel health insurance: This is required by the Federal Employment Agency. It covers the costs of outpatient and inpatient treatment as well as medically necessary rehabilitation measures. The Federal Employment Agency also stipulates that benefits are also covered in the event of pregnancy and childbirth, which is not the case with normal travel health insurance.

Accident insurance: This is also compulsory and provides cover in the event of death or disability.

Personal liability insurance: This is where most au pair insurance policies differ, some are just personal liability insurance, others are true au pair liability insurance. A real liability insurance for au pairs is not only a personal liability insurance but also a professional liability insurance, i.e. whether damage caused by the au pair's activity is also covered. As a host family, you should check the benefits of the au pair insurance to see if they meet your needs.

Important to know: If your future au pair is going to drive your car, the car insurance may also need to be adapted.

Depending on the country of origin, the immigration authorities may require a declaration of commitment signed by the host parents in order to issue a visa. If the au pair is not properly insured, the authorities or other third parties may come to you with claims, for example if the au pair is deported. Some au pair insurance policies include a supplement that covers deportation costs.

The following companies offer special insurance for au pairs:

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