Au-pair why not

The original idea of au pair work describes how the translation from French is "in return". It means each side gets certain benefits and is willing to give something for the other side in return. But not every family can take an au-pair, and not every girl can become an au-pair. Before you decide to take in an au-pair, you need to think very carefully about what you are willing to give and what you hope to get in return.

When a family takes in an au-pair, the parents usually hope to get more time for work and leisure. More time for work also means professional success, more salary and more possibilities for the family in their free time, such as family holidays, new car, better care for the children after school, such as ballet, music lessons. You should think and work out how much added value and what benefits the au pair will enable you to have.

Often single parents are at a disadvantage when it comes to choosing a job and career. With the help of an au-pair you could be more flexible and concentrate more on your professional challenges. You could be more stress-free and efficient in your work if you know that everything is fine at home and a nice au-pair is taking care of your children. Without au-pair help, it would be very difficult to cope with foreign service trips.

But an au-pair is not only a flexible childcare and help in the household - au-pairs bring so much more - it is like a journey into another culture and language, new culinary experiences, new experiences from other parts of the world, but directly at your HOME. Your children learn playfully with her to be more open and tolerant towards other cultures.

Hosting an au pair in your family is always worthwhile, you just have to be ready for it and also clearly communicate the needs of both sides and find compromises.

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