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    Hello everyone, me, my name is DWI Linda, you can call me Linda. I have a big family. My parents are a health worker at the university where I studied. They have three children, and I am the first child. I have one little sister and one brother. My older sister is 19, I'm 21. And my brother, he's 17 years old. Now I am a French student of the University of Medan. I will have finished my studies in this year InsyaAllah. I have a few experiences abroad but not in the European region. And I had been a kindergarten teacher for three years. I have experiences with children. I manage to take care of the children well, such as; Learning while playing with children, eating, drinking, playing together, etc. My hobbies are swimming, biking, listening to music, traveling and learning new things, because I would like to question the things that made my mind.

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