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    Hello, Dear Family!) My name's Kira, I'm 24 & I'm an English teacher. I've been working with children for more than 7 years now and I also have a sister, who's 6 years old, so even though I don't have kids of my own, I understand how hard can it be to bring up your kids & stay employed and sane) I have enough experience to raise an army of active, smart, caring and strong humans )))

    I love music, singing, acting. Active pastime is my weak spot as well) I also know how to take care of dogs, love to cook and somehow my life is never boring - maybe because I live in a family of six and we also have a pet rabbit & used to have 4 cats and a dog & currently I work with kids, so we are always doing something interesting) So don't even hesitate - contact me and find out more!

    Why do I want to be an au pair? Having commited my life to teaching & learning about different cultures, languages and customs I believe that I need to have some personal experience, because talking about England, Germany & Spain is empty, if everything you know, you know from the internet & your teachers. At the present moment I have more than 100 students and it became very important to me to make their studying process fun, but at the same time inspiring and full of knowledge every day. Each and every kid and their parent is my friend, we trust & help each other - you don't want to let your friends down, right? That's exactly why I've decided to become an au-pair.

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