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    Dear guest family,
    my name is Chiara Maria and I'm a 17-year old girl from Germany. At the beginning of August, I'll celebrate my 18th birthday. Currently I'm doing my German and French general qualification for university entrance (“AbiBac”).
    I'm an open-minded person to new experiences, foreign countries and new languages. That's why I love so much travelling, discovering other countries and getting to know other cultures. Furthermore, I'm very communicative and I love to get in touch with new people and making new friends. Also staying in contact with my friends is quite important for me. My hobbies are: skiing, snowboarding, reading and doing something together with my family, because I’m a very family person. I’m able to prepare things like pasta, quiche, risotto aso and everybody is saying that I’m a fantastic “French Crêpes-Maker” plus we could do Italian bakery together by doing “Torta Margherita”.
    Again, I’m a very friendly person that likes to laugh and who loves to make other people laughing. Moreover, I'm a very cooperative and responsible person as well as I'm equable and determined. Together with my family (Dad, Mum and my 13 years old twin brothers) I live in Munich. I had to help my Mum with the twins since ever so I’m very used to take care of little children and just as accustomed to help in the household. I also like to keep myself busy with kids.
    At the age of 12 I begun to do babysitting in the neighbourhood. One year later I started to be assistant at physical education for toddlers for one year. Right now, I'm working again as an assistant at gymnastics for children at the age of 3-10 years and I’m still doing babysitting, too as soon as helping to carry out birthday parties for children.
    I already participated in several abroad exchange programmes. By doing this I've been twice in France (5 and 9 weeks) and once in Venice/Italy for one week. At the age of four we moved to Italy for 3 years because of my fathers' work. That's why I had the opportunity to learn the Italian language like a native language. It's been also a great experience growing up in another culture. Thanks to all my stays abroad I'm used to get adapted to my hosting family really soon. Right now, I'm doing my German and French general qualification for university entrance ("AbiBac"). Because of my exchanges in France and the bilingual lessons which I do at school I’m able to speak fluently French, too.
    After school (at the beginning of October 2019) I've planned to start political science and history at Munich university.

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