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    Dear future host family,
    with this letter I would like to give you a first impression of me and my life.
    My name is Joana, i am an 18 years old german girl and I live in a medium village called Öhningen which is in the south of Germany. I live together with my mother Sandra, my father Christian and our dog Bongo. My older brother is living in a shared apartment near his university. My father works as a CFO and my mother works as an architect in a real estate agency. My brother Leon is 21 years old and goes to university in Constance. He is studying law. In July 2021 I will finish school with my A-levels. After my year as an Au pair I would like to go to university and study economics or law. In the course of getting my driver’s license I also took part at a first aid course in which they also taught us first aid for children and babies. I got my driver’s license in September 2019 and I drive every day. I have experience with cars with gear shift as well as automatics.
    In the following I will give you a little insight into my daily routine: In the morning I leave the house and drive to school. When school is over I go home. Then my mum and i, we do all the things that have to be done in the household (like grocery shopping, laundry etc.). I have a realy close relation ship with my family. So my family is suporting my dream to be an aupair.
    I would describe myself as reliable, open-minded, polite, helpful, ambitious, creative and patient. Besides I am always punctual, I am good in making plans, and in always having a plan B, and I am very organized.
    In my free time I like to spend time with my friends who are also supporting me. I also,like to cook or bake, go playing volleyball, skiing in winter and swimming in summer. I also like trying new activitys.
    Now I would like to tell you something about my childcare experience. I grew up in a settlement were many children lived so I was always in contact with children. The first experience I get after looking for my 5 little cousins. Whenever I see them, we do activitys togethee and have much fun. I also looked after my neighbour Theodor when his parents was going outside and we did a lot of things together like playing games, going to the playground, painting with chalks on the street or reading out books. The biggest childcare experience I made during an internship at a primary schoolin a group of around 20 children from ages 6 to 8. We played a lot, inside as well as outside, we ate breakfast together and I helped them to dress when we were going outside for example.
    Finally, let me answer the essential question: Why do I want to become an Au pair? The simplest answer is: I love children. I love to see them smiling, their shining eyes, their happiness when they learn something new and their imagination. I like to see them growing up and spending time with them. Besides I would like to get to know other way of lifes and different cultures. It would be great to become more independent and self-confident during this year abroad and I hope to increase my experience in childcare.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and I hope we will spent a great time with each other!
    Best wishes,

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