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    * hello host parents and hello dear children! ??????????❤️
    * nice that you landed on my profile.
    * My name is Alina-Annabelle and I am 22 years old. I live with my parents in a house with a garden and pool. We have a cute little dog ?and I adore animals. I've been babysitting since I was 14, so I have a lot of experience with different children. The children see me as a big sister and share their secrets and worries with me in everyday life. Especially now in today's age it is incredibly difficult to be a teenager and to talk to your parents about problems that arise in everyday life. So I'm all the happier that the children see me as a big sister, best friend and advisor.?
    * It is important to me to introduce the children to healthy eating and to teach them how to bake and cook. We often make salads ??and light dishes together. I also regularly bake muffins ??or simple cake dishes with some of my children, which we eat with the parents in the evening. For me, togetherness is extremely important and I also convey this to my children. Eating together and doing things together is incredibly important for development and has an impact on life. I love going to the park with my boys and we play hide and seek or soccer. ⚽️? I also like to go to the petting zoo with my children and we feed the animals with delicious food and I teach the children how to deal with strange animals. ?????
    * The children are incredibly good to be around and the children are less stressed as a result. When you are with the animals you can immediately forget the typical stress such as school, friends or lovesickness. My oldest is now 12 years old and I often talk to her about school and the problems that arise in the teenage years. ??She is really grateful to speak to someone who has already gained the experience.
    * I hope you can assess me better with this little letter and are interested in getting to know me. I would be happy if your family welcomes me lovingly and can be a big sister to your children, and I would also like to introduce the children to German food. I like going out with the children and would like to discover nature ???? with them, and I would always listen to the children and offer good advice.

    I hope we will get to know each other and I hope you choose me.
    xo xo Alina- Annabelle ❤️

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