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    My name is Iryna Klymenko,i'm 22 and i'm from Ukraine.I'm speaking very good English,Ukrainian,Russian and not long time ago i've passed Deutsch language exam for 92/100 and trying everyday to make it better. I'm the History teacher,that's why probably you will understand my interest in Au-pairing in your country,which is reach for a history.About myself i'm independent young lady who knows what the responsibility is.I've been living by my own in the capital of Ukraine from 17 years old. And if you are looking for a girl,who is friendly and honest-so just give it a go and drop me a text,i'm waiting on you.I like sports,reading books,nature and a lot of things.Yes,i'm not playing any instruments,but i'm honest and friendly enough to be a little part of your family. I have a lot of little cousins I was taking care of.And I've been helping to my neighbours with babysitting.Also,i'm a teacher,so I've been working at school for a while.I want to get more experience about the country by being inside.I want to take smth new for me,and probably to give smth good for your family.Also I like to make kids busy with smth interesting and new.I'm not lazy and would be glad to keep your house clean. Also I have some skills of first aid.I have a hope,that your kid(s) will be a good language teacher for me,and from my side I will do my best to be helpful and friendly to your family during all the year of my staying.I've started to interest in Deutsch one year ago,when my german friend came to Kiev for a sightseeing.Thanks to him I understood for how much this language nice(because before this it was always scarring me to be honest) and I've decide to learn it.In a future I would like to learn German for that much to read german books.A lot of interesting historical books for my profession is in german language.If you are a family who looking for a friendly,independant,mature helper and ready me to become a part of your family even for a year-just drop me a text-I want to get to know you.

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